Story of a Cockroach

This is the story of Anastasia, a cockroach who dreamed of being accepted and becoming famous and important like her distant relatives the Egyptian beetles, sacred insects that were treated like royalty. Although it may seem impossible to believe, in another life Anastasia was a princess, transformed by a wave of the magic wand of Fairy Brunhilda, who was determined to sow good wherever she went. But following her exciting adventures, Anastasia came to understand that being a normal, everyday cockroach wasn’t such a bad thing after all when, moved by her great heart, she managed to save the lives of an entire family of humans, all without getting a hair out of place! What prize did Fairy Brunhilda have in store for her as a reward for her generous actions? Written with a great sense of humor, Story of a Cockroach is an entertaining tale about accepting oneself and helping others. When you finish the book, you will look at cockroaches in a different light…
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